Murder of Temixco mayor could have been avoided

The brother of a kidnapped police officer sent a letter to Guerrero authorities warning them about the illegal activities of Mota's murderers two weeks before the crime.

Gisela Mota was allegedly killed by members of Los Rojos criminal gang. (Photo: Archive/El Universal)
English 06/01/2016 12:22 Salvador Rodríguez Cruz/clínica de periodismo Actualizada 13:03
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The brother of Francisco Gómez Hernández, a ministerial police officer of Guerrero who disappeared on December 14 in Alpuyeca, Morelos, sent a letter to Guerrero authorities about the illegal activities of the men allegedly responsible for the murder of mayor Gisela Mota two weeks before her murder.

In the letter, dated December 18 and addressed to Ricardo Zamora, General Coordinator of the Ministerial Police of Guerrero with copy to Manuel Edel, deputy general attorney, he requested support to locate his brother, who was kidnapped by six men aboard two vehicles similar to those used by the alleged murderers of Gisela Mota: a blue Cherokee truck and a golden Sentra. According to the man the vehicles were escorted at times by a municipal police car of Xochitepec.

He added that at night the criminals placed a roadblock on the way from Alpuyeca to the Grottoes.


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