26 | MAR | 2019

Alleged criminal operator arrested in Chihuahua

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The National Security Commission reported another nine detainees.

Military and Federal Police officers arrested ten suspects of diverse felonies, among them a possible financial operator for a criminal group that operates in the state of Chihuahua.

The National Security Commission reported that the detention came as a result of a coordinated intelligence labor by the military and federal police.

The arrests took place in the municipality of Comarachi, Chihuahua, where a fixed and mobile surveillance system had been deployed, resulting on the location of the suspects, who attacked the soldiers and the police when they noticed them.

The suspects were unable to make any kills and the authorities arrested 10 people, three of them underage, and seized military-grade weapons and cartridges.

The authorities also seized six vehicles and approximately 1,760 pounds of cannabis.

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