13 | NOV | 2019
Vallejo was recorded in friendly conversation with Servando Gómez 'La Tuta'. (Photo: Quadratín)

Rodrigo Vallejo guilty of concealment

Juan Omar Fierro
Mexico City
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He is sentenced to 11 months and seven days.

A federal judge condemned Rodrigo Vallejo, son of the former governor of Michoacán, Fausto Vallejo, to 11 months and seven days in prison, after finding him guilty of concealment.

According to the Council of the Federal Judiciary, he was found guilty for not providing information during the investigation about conspiracy and the location of Servando Gómez, "La Tuta" and the rest of the Knights Templar cartel.

Vallejo was video recorded by "La Tuta" during a conversation in what appeared to be extremely good terms last year.

Rodrigo is the youngest son of former Michoacán governor Fausto Vallejo. In Morelia he is known for organizing lavish parties and having several bodyguards.

He was linked to organized crime was in June last year, days before Fausto Vallejo requested permanent license as governor, when a photo of another alleged meeting between Vallejo and "La Tuta" started circulating on social networks. 

On June 16, four days before Vallejo formally submitted his resignation as governor of Michoacán, Guillermo Valencia, former mayor of Tepalcatepec, spoke in a Youtube video about those alleged ties. 

He said that Vallejo used Jesús Reyna García, former interim governor of Michoacán, as a "bargaining chip" to save his son Rodrigo. Reyna was arrested in April for alleged links with the Knights Templar cartel.

In the video, the former mayor, "self-exiled" in the United States, said: "The links of Rodrigo with organized crime are not new. We have to remember that when the criminal leader known as "El Fresa" was arrested in Morelia, he was accompanied by Rodrigo Vallejo, but he was released because he was son of the then mayor of Morelia." 

Also on social networks, mainly in the "Valor por Michoacán" account administered by the extinct self-defense forces, Rodrigo was criticized for his lavish parties and using luxury vehicles. 

On 10 April, Carlos Loret de Mola, who writes for EL UNIVERSAL, said in his column "Historias de Reportero" (Reporter Stories) that the children of Vallejo were out of control, quoting a senior source from the security cabinet of President Enrique Peña Nieto. 

He said that Fausto and Rodrigo "were stealing everything they could in the short period of his father's administration" and added that those versions not only circulated among local and federal officials, but also among the population. 
He added that their "junior behavior" was "sadly famous".

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