Trump will not be the next U.S. President: Walter Mercado

The Puerto Rican astrologer said that the Republican candidate has very little political future.

Mercado predicted that Trump's dream to become the next U.S. President will fade as people discover his egocentrism and xenophobia. (Photo: Special)
English 31/08/2015 13:34 El Nuevo Dia/ Puerto Rico/ GDA Actualizada 13:34
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Puerto Rican astrologer Walter Mercado called the Latino community to share his prediction about the controversial Republican candidate Donald Trump.

"His dream of becoming president of the most important nation in the world, namely the United States, will fade as people discover his egocentrism, xenophobia, wrong intentions and lack of knowledge," Mercado predicted.

"Astrologically Mr. Donald Trump has very little political future," he added.

According to Mercado, Trump "lacks sensitivity and compassion. His offensive and irreverent comments against Latinos have earned him the antipathy and hatred of most of the U.S population."


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