Trump attacks Mexico ... again

The Mexican government sees the U.S. as a dumpster and sends its worst people, he said.

English 06/07/2015 17:47 Actualizada 17:51

It seems like Donald Trump has not had enough already and again attacked Mexican immigrants, after calling them criminals and rapists.

The tycoon, who is looking for the Republican presidential candidacy, presented a press release responding to the harsh critics he received, even from inside the GOP.

Trump said that Mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists when he announced his intentions of looking for the Republican nomination last month.

And then, companies like NBC, Univision and Macy's cut all their links with Trump.

In his new press release, Trump said that the controversy caused by his comments is "one of the reasons was that I went way up in the polls."

A CNN poll released last week showed Trump vaulting into second place in the GOP field behind former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

"I'm saying the government of Mexico is sending people into our country and no one reports it that way," Trump said.

He also pointed to the case where an undocumented immigrant was arrested for killing a woman in San Francisco, California, last week as proof the Mexican government is deliberately sending criminals to the United States.

"The government of Mexico, look this other guy that killed the young woman in San Francisco, they threw him out. They're pushing the bad ones in here," Trump said.

Trump is one out of a dozen Republicans looking for the presidential nomination.

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