New Sun halo in Tepoztlán

The phenomenon amazed people in several states of Mexico.

@webcamsdemexico reported a new Sun halo #HaloSolar over Tepoztlán. (Photo: @webcamsdemexico )
English 29/05/2015 12:38 Actualizada 12:38
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A Sun halo was detected in Tepoztlán, Morelos, about the 9:10 a.m. hours this Friday, according to @webcamsdemexico.

Yesterday this phenomenon amazed the residents of several states of the country, including Veracruz, where the halo was observed at sites such as Xalapa, Altotonga and the port of Veracruz.

In that state, the event was recorded from 9:45 to 11:00 hours, approximately.

It also manifested for the second time in May over Mexico City, causing commotion among the locals.

In addition, social networks reported that it was visible in Tlaxcala, Puebla and other states.

@webcamsdemexico reported that "The webcam in Tepoztlán #Morelos detected this morning the #HaloSolar thanks @PdelTepozteco for informing us".

According to the National Water Commission (Conagua), a solar halo is a luminous ring around the Sun, caused by the refraction of light through ice crystals or water drops in high-altitude cirrus clouds.

"It is usually white, but sometimes the refraction is so clear that it separates the colors and makes them visible," according to Conagua.

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