26 | JUN | 2019
Impunity at risk of collapsing Mexico's justice system
Aspect of an oral trial – Photo; Eduardo Morales/EL UNIVERSAL

Impunity at risk of collapsing Mexico's justice system

Diana Lastiri
Mexico City
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According to the 2018 Global Impunity Index, impunity rate has increased rapidly in the last two years

Impunity is at risk of collapsing the justice system in Mexico due to a lack of judges, police officers, correctional officers and wardens, and their lack of adequate training, claimed Luis Ernesto Derbez, dean of the University of the Americas Puebla (ULAP) during the presentation of the 2018 Global Impunity Index.

“If impunity continues to worsen at the rate we've seen in recent years, it's very likely we'll face the total collapse of both the security and the justice system of our country,” said Derbez, as the latest report shows there's been a marked increase in impunity over the last two years.

“Impunity has risen virtually in all the states and what we're witnessing is that neither federal nor state authorities are assuming the responsibility of putting an end to this problem.”

During the presentation of the report, it was explained that Mexico has a deficit in law enforcement agents by 50.86%, that is, that the country only has half of the minimum of agents needed, pursuing to the National System of Public Security.

Moreover, it is estimated there are only 3.9 judges for every 100,000 inhabitants.

Derbez said that while the criminal justice system has reduced the inmate population, it has also decreased the number of staff members working in penitentiaries, which has caused them work overload and has made them vulnerable to corruption, in addition to increasing the chances of riots and escapes.

Mexico is ranked first in impunity in Latin America and fourth worldwide, with a score of 69.21 points.

EL UNIVERSAL has published that the national increase went from 67.42 points in 2016 to 69.84 in 2018.


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