Mexican women feel more at risk than men
Mexico seems to be a hostile country for women
Claudia Sheinbaum vows to eradicate violence against women
Claudia Sheinbaum, first woman mayor of Mexico City, vowed to eradicate violence against women, prosecute offenders and protect women
Male teachers, main sexual aggressors in Mexico City’s universities
The lack of protocols, adequate norms, and re-victimization are some of the obstacles that victims of sexual aggressions face in universities when looking for justice
Judith Butler discusses feminist movements in Mexico, Latin America, and the world
The philosopher is considered as one of the most important thinkers and academics of the 21st century
Violence against women has increased in the last four months
According to the SESNSP, 1,182 women were murdered from January to April 2019
9 out of 10 people arrested by Mexican authorities are tortured and sexually abused
More than 10,000 people deprived of their liberty in Mexico have suffered sexual assault and torture
Rape: torture and systemic gender violence in Mexico
Human rights activists lament that soldiers, navy officers, and federal police officers use sexual abuse as torture
10 women are murdered in Mexico every day
According to the SESNSP, 10 states concentrate 65% of the 1,199 femicides that have been perpetrated during the first quarter of 2019
A woman’s constitutional right to an abortion treatened in the United States
Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Ohio enacted statutes this year outlawing abortion after a doctor can detect an embryonic heartbeat
Mexico City sex workers march for their rights
Mexico’s government put out a statement last month, claiming that there is enough medication for those who have been diagnosed with HIV