EL UNIVERSAL’s 104 Women Leaders Forum brought together outstanding women from various fields
Femicide destroys the lives of survivors and the victims' families
On March 9, women withdrew from public life as a way to protest against violence against women
On March 8, at least 80,000 women took over Mexico City to demand justice and equality
The national women’s strike will highlight the brutal reality faced by Mexican women
On March 9, it’s expected that thousands of women will skip work, school, and any other activity as a way to protest
 International Women’s Day 2020 is a historical day for Mexican women
There is no hidden agenda behind the feminist movement, women are simply demanding peace and equality
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After being a victim of domestic violence, Sexy Dulce has become an example for other women
The Impunity Machine: Crimes against women do not matter in Mexico
In addition to rarely being denounced out of fear and lack of trust from the victims, millions of crimes against women go unpunished in Mexico due to the incapacity and negligence of authorities
From words to violence: The Oxford Dictionary is urged to change sexist definitions
Derogatory definitions related to women are dehumanizing and only one example of everyday sexism
Mapping for justice: How one woman took it upon herself to register femicide in Mexico
María Salguero is the creator of the National Map of Femicide in Mexico