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Mexican drug cartels take advantage of U.S.-China trade war
U.S. federal law enforcement officials uncovered an elaborate scheme to convert Mexican drug profits from sales in the United States back into Mexican pesos using Chinese citizens who seek to circumvent their country’s banking laws
India slaps retaliatory tariffs on United States imports: Can we close the Pandora Box?
The move comes right after the U.S. has withdrawn the benefits India was gaining under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)
A questionable immigration deal avoids the worst crisis in U.S.-Mexico relations in recent years
Last-ditch negotiations resulted in a deal apparently satisfactory for both sides, hailed by the Mexican government as a victory since it averted the entry into force of a 5% tariff on Monday
China to list 'unreliable' foreign entities that harm Chinese firms
China’s Commerce Ministry said on Friday that it will draft a list of foreign companies, organizations, and individuals that it deems “unreliable” for harming Chinese companies
Mexican president responds to Trump's tariff threat
Mexican President said on Friday he would respond with “great prudence” to threats by his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump to impose tariffs on Mexican goods entering the United States