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Brazilian rice producers want to expand in Mexico
In September, Brazil said it had begun discussing a free trade deal with Mexico, while Mexican officials said they were seeking to expand existing agreements between the countries
Mexico-U.S. meeting: migrant flows and arms smuggling
In Washington, the U.S. reviewed Mexican progress on curbing illegal migration, while Mexico focused on pressing the U.S. to halt arms smuggling across the border
Mexico’s successful crackdown on migration
Mexico has deployed more than 25,000 National Guard militarized police along its borders and stepped up raids on people traffickers
The Trump administration imposes duties on Mexican steel
Meanwhile, the Economy Ministry said it would continue to support the affected Mexican firms
Mexico and the U.S. reach deal on tomato exports
The deal for Mexican tomatoes exports to the U.S., which are worth around USD $2 billion annually, sets minimum prices for the product, and includes a brand-new inspection mechanism on 92% of exports for quality control purposes
Mexico refuses to become a safe third country
That former deal was reached to avert Trump’s threat of tariffs on Mexican imports
Mexico-U.S. relation: It's time for dialogue and cooperation
The Trump administration recognized that the number of undocumented migrants who cross into the U.S. has decreased
Urzúa vs. Romo
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The U.S. imposes preliminary tariffs on Mexican steel
The U.S. Commerce Department said local producers were being harmed by steel imports from Mexico and China
Mexico militarizes its borders
Mexico is preventing migrants from crossing into the U.S. but will Trump threaten Mexico with tariffs again?