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Sex crimes and femicide force Mexican women to take the streets
Let's not forget the central issue: reiterated physical attacks and sexual abuse against women
Rape: torture and systemic gender violence in Mexico
Human rights activists lament that soldiers, navy officers, and federal police officers use sexual abuse as torture
Mexican government, guilty of rape and torture against women in Atenco
The court blamed the Texcoco and San Salvador Atenco municipal police forces, the State of Mexico police, and the Federal police for the events that took place in San Salvador Atenco, Texcoco in 2006
Millions of women are victims of domestic violence
This situation has maintained similar levels in the last 10 years, according to the Relation's Dynamic at Home National Survey (ENDIREH) 2016
Mexico City's subway: the most dangerous for women
The poll found that only about a third of women in Mexico City were confident or very confident anyone would help if they were being harassed