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Unión Tepito cartel operator “El Tío” arrested in Mexico City
La Unión Tepito is the behind the latest wave of violence in Mexico City
12 Mexican drug cartel members escape from Cieneguillas prison
The inmates on the loose allegedly belong to the Los Zetas and Northeast cartels
Criminals steal gold-silver bars from Mexican mine
An armed group stormed the Mulatos mine located in Mexico's northern state of Sonora
What is driving the Mexican youth to join organized crime?
Poverty and the lack of opportunities has pushed minors to join organized crime
Education in danger: Drug cartel violence shuts Mexico’s schools
Between 2019 and 2020, schools in Mexico had to suspend classes at least 199 times
Mexico hastens U.S. extraditions of cartel leaders
The Mexican government has expressed its willingness to cooperate with the United States under the understanding that the security of the region is a shared responsibility
Santa Rosa de Lima cartel: El Marro’s father arrested in Guanajuato
José Antonio Yépez "El Marro" is the leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel
U.S. accuses former Nayarit governor Roberto Sandoval for drug-related corruption
The U.S. Department of State publicly designed the former governor of Nayarit Roberto Sandoval Castañeda due to his involvement in significant corruption
Daughter of Jalisco New Generation cartel leader arrested in the U.S.
The Jalisco New Generation cartel is considered as one of the largest and most dangerous criminal organizations
Mexican authorities issue another arrest warrant against Karime Macías
Karime Macías recently divorced Javier Duarte, who is currently serving jail time