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The politicians and prominent figures investigated or charged with crimes in Mexico
The current administration is currently investigating several former ministers, lawyers, and politicians
Mexico allegedly asked the Interpol to find Romero Deschamps
It was recently revealed that Romero Deschamps's bank accounts have been blocked
Mexican drug cartels take advantage of U.S.-China trade war
U.S. federal law enforcement officials uncovered an elaborate scheme to convert Mexican drug profits from sales in the United States back into Mexican pesos using Chinese citizens who seek to circumvent their country’s banking laws
Juan Collado's fortune is seized by Andorran authorities
Lawyer Juan Collado was arrested in Mexico on July 9
Eduardo Medina Mora's emporium
The story behind Eduardo Medina Mora's wealth and rising political career
Medina Mora: lack of transparency, money laundering & illicit enrichment
Mexico, UK , and the U.S. are investigating Medina Mora
Mexico investigates 42 companies linked to Juan Collado
EL UNIVERSAL found that some of the alleged partners in these companies are former employees who were offered money to sign papers
Mexico sold Zhenli Ye Gon's mansion for MXN $102 million
In 2007, Mexican officers caught Zhenli Ye Gon hiding USD $207 million in the master bedroom
Javier Duarte leaks documents on Twitter
Duarte's Twitter account was reactivated and will be used to “personally defend himself” from allegations
Mexican cartel could be behind the murder of two Israeli criminals
For decades, Israeli mafias have supplied weapons and laundered money for criminal organizations in Mexico