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Mexican politician and businessman, linked to pederasty network, wanted by the Interpol
Mario Marín and Kamel Nacif are both wanted by the Interpol for the torture of Lydia Cacho
De Mauleón, a victim of insecurity and hate
Off the Record features fact-checked news written by journalists and contributors to EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico vows to protect journalists as attacks against them increase
Human rights organizations have criticized the program for not ending the attacks or punishing the people responsible for them
Sports journalist murdered in Mexico
Several other journalists has been murdered in 2019 alone, and dozens of them have been murdered in Mexico in the last decade
Mexican journalist who denounced drug cartels and human trafficking is murdered
In his article, he mentioned the origins and the way the Sinaloa cartel operated under Guzmán and linked them to locals
Another journalist murdered in Mexico
Besides his work as a reporter, Máquez Jiménez was a city councilor candidate to the Tuxpan municipality in the June 2017 election
Radio journalist Jesús Adrían Rodríguez was shot to death on December 10 outside his home in the northern state of Chihuahua
Crime reporter Anabel Flores Salazar was dragged from her home in Veracruz by gunmen on February 8; her body was found on an abandoned road in Puebla.
The state prosecutor's office said in a statement that 43-year-old Pedro Tamayo was gunned down by two attackers Wednesday night in the municipality of Tierra Blanca.
The body of Jacinto Hernández Torres was found in the backyard of a house in Garland, in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area on June 13.