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MXN $200 can buy only half the products as 10 years ago
Nowadays, MXN $200 are equivalent to MXN $106 of 2009 due to cumulative inflation
The polemic surrounding fuel prices
In France, a fuel price increase announced in November 2018 sparked violent protests with barricades and cars set on fire in the midst of the Champs Elysées
Mexico to increase minimum wage by 16%
President López Obrador's administration, business sector, and the workers have agreed on a new wage policy
Will gas be cheaper someday?
Since last year, the fuel prices have increased, while in the US, they have decreased in the last months
Prices for drugs are rising faster than inflation year after year, and this year is no exception
Most of them presented a MXN$ 5 price increase
The National Alliance of Small Businesses (Anpec), disclosed that soft drinks, bread, dairy products, cigarettes, and other products presented a price increase attributed to higher costs in the supply chain for different businesses
Driven by the increase in the price of goods and services such as tomatoes, air transport, low octane gasoline, and domestic LP gas
The price will increase between MXN$1.50 and MXN$3 per kilogram since gas, electricity, and maize prices are rising as well
Mexico among the countries with the highest credit card interest rate
On December 14, Banxico raised the benchmark interest by 25 bps to 7.25% per year, the highest percentage since March 2009