Several gas station brands exist today, each one offers different prices and service . Foreign groups accessed the Mexican market . The price per liter of Magna, Premium or diesel changes in every region , and the companies set their value, according to several variables like the exchange rate, transport fees, and storage.

In regards to gas sale, the current scenario is quite opposed to the one that dominated last year...starting with the prices: fuel prices have increased over 20% annually.

At the end of 2017 , authorities decided that the market would set the price , and it could increase or decrease. It seemed like a good idea if it wasn't for the fact that since last year, the fuel price increased , even though in the US , Mexico's reference market, has decreased its prices.

The Magna gas has been continuously increasing its prices for the 12 months and its value went from MXN $15.57 to MXN $19.59 per liter , an MXN $4.02 difference, equivalent to a 25.8% increase. During that same period, inflation was about 5 % .

Whereas in the US , the price of regular gas (similar to the Magna) has decreased in the last four months . This week, the liter was MXN $14.38, an MXN $5 compared to the average price in Mexico.

As a result of the economic and commerce integration in the US, which began almost 25 years ago with the signing of the NAFTA , the neighboring country is a reference in different areas, including fuel prices . Why aren't the price cuts reflected in Mexico?

In March 2017 , the Federal Competition Commission announced an investigation of possible acts against competitivity carried out by gas companies. Is there collusion not to lower prices? An explanation from authorities is required.

This is not a minor issue. The increase of such proportion in gas, over 20%, impacts other products' prices, as basically everything is transported through vehicles that use gas, therefore, they have an inflationary effect . Let's not forget that the previous sparked off riots in several places all over the country.

With that in mind, better prices, better products, and an effective competition are the pending issues in the industry.


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