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The Trump administration is using additional surveillance cameras in the Mexico-U.S. border 
The cameras are owned by Customs and Border Protection but operated by the military
COVID-19: Mexican migrants in the U.S. are in a limbo
Mexican immigrants in the U.S. are in need of medical and financial help
Mexico to welcome Central American immigrants after the Trump administration turned them away
Mexico won’t accept minors and elders, even though they are the most vulnerable sector
The Trump administration will temporarily go ahead with its 'Remain in Mexico' policy
Halting immigration is one of Trump’s major re-election campaign promises
American Dirt draws attention to authentic Chicano and Latinx literature
When Oprah Winfrey endorsed the novel American Dirt for her book club last month, many Latinxs took to social media to criticize the novel by Jeanine Cummins for its stereotypes
A new migrant caravan is heading toward the U.S.
At least 1,500 Hondurans are planning to travel through South America and Mexico to seek asylum in the U.S.
Mexico’s disheartening immigration policy
For decades, the U.S. mistreated and deported Mexican immigrants who tried to cross the border
39 bodies found in truck container in Essex, England
Police said the trailer had traveled from Belgium to Purfleet on Wednesday. It left the port on the truck and ambulance services notified police about the discovery of the bodies
U.S. asylum pact with Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala cements Trump’s Regional Strategy
Honduras signed a deal with the U.S. on Wednesday—similar to agreements signed by El Salvador & Guatemala—that could push migrants who cross the country on the way to the United States back to seek asylum
The Trump administration will spend USD $3.6 billion to build the border wall
Trump was unable to force Mexico to pay for the wall