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39 bodies found in truck container in Essex, England
Police said the trailer had traveled from Belgium to Purfleet on Wednesday. It left the port on the truck and ambulance services notified police about the discovery of the bodies
U.S. asylum pact with Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala cements Trump’s Regional Strategy
Honduras signed a deal with the U.S. on Wednesday—similar to agreements signed by El Salvador & Guatemala—that could push migrants who cross the country on the way to the United States back to seek asylum
The Trump administration will spend USD $3.6 billion to build the border wall
Trump was unable to force Mexico to pay for the wall
The Trump administration plans to hold migrant children and families in detention indefinitely
“The current administration uses cruel language, policies and abuse with the objective of deterring immigrants and asylum seekers”
Donald Trump has no limits
Trump never mentions the contributions made by migrants to the U.S. economy
NFL players bail out immigrant activist detained by ICE
Bello is a farmer and could not afford to pay his bail
2,100 more soldiers to border with Mexico: Pentagon
In light of President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown, the Pentagon will send more troops from the National Guard to assist with tasks of logical support and aerial surveillance
Switzerland backtrack on support for the United Nations agreement on migration
The opposition of the United States and several key nations on the subject to the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration is, in particular, a negative outcome for Mexico
Xenophobia on the rise: the UN Global Compact for Migration is dead on arrival
Bad news for the last United Nations effort to encourage a coordinated, effective, multilateral response to the growing challenge of massive human displacement
Venezuelans head to Peru to beat residency deadline
At least 6,000 Venezuelans lined up at Peru’s northern border in hopes of entering the country before a deadline for acquiring residency, and another 4,000 were due to arrive in the next two days