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Mexico ignores children's rights
The study is based on information provided by the Unicef, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, and the United Nations Development Program
Mexican politician and businessman, linked to pederasty network, wanted by the Interpol
Mario Marín and Kamel Nacif are both wanted by the Interpol for the torture of Lydia Cacho
Death of Fatimih Dávila in Mexico City could be linked to human trafficking
Fatimih Dávila, former Miss Uruguay 2006, was found dead in a hotel in Mexico City’s Nápoles neighborhood
Human trafficking and child brides, the dark side of Mexico
In time she understood why she couldn't get pregnant back then: she didn't even menstruate, she was only a child
An uncertain future for victims of human trafficking in Mexico
“There’s no money except from my pocket,” said the 65-year-old, who has had an armed bodyguard since one trafficker came to the shelter demanding to see the woman he had exploited
Afro-descendants: between invisibility and discrimination
The exact number of Africans who arrived in Mexico through human trafficking or migration is still unknown
Mexican authorities rescue 107 Central American migrants
Unidentified gunmen began shooting at police to prevent the rescue
Mexican government to look into ‘failing’ anti-trafficking strategy
Mexico’s new government, led by President López Obrador, will focus on providing better support for victims
Mexican journalist who denounced drug cartels and human trafficking is murdered
In his article, he mentioned the origins and the way the Sinaloa cartel operated under Guzmán and linked them to locals
Mexico's missing people agency searching for trafficking victims
Mexico will search for tens of thousands of people who are registered as missing, a lead official said