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Tenancingo: Inhabitants wanted to lynch Fox News journalists in Mexico’s human trafficking hub
In October 2019, journalist Lara Logan and her team traveled to Tenancingo in order to investigate human trafficking
Tenancingo, Tlaxcala: Mexico’s human trafficking and sexual slavery hub
For decades, Mexican authorities have ignored the atrocious crimes in Tenancingo, Tlaxcala, where women are forced into prostitution
The Mexican town where human trafficking and forced prostitution go unpunished
After decades of abuse, forced prostitution, and slavery, it’s time for Mexican authorities to eradicate these heinous crimes
Forced begging, a lucrative human trafficking business
Forced begging means to enforce a person to beg for money through threats, deceit, or other forms of coercion
Mexico shuts down international child pornography network
With the help of over 25 European and Latin American countries, Mexico Attorney General’s Office dismantled an international network that commercialized child pornography via Whatsapp
Mexico to propose new human trafficking law
Under this new law, sex workers would no longer be criminalized and perhaps receive protection
U.S.-bound migrants reactivate dangerous Mexican sea routes
The highly dangerous sea route by the shores of Chiapas and Oaxaca is being used by migrants as an alternative to reach the U.S. due to the National Guard’s deployment in Mexico’s southern border to stem migrant flow and the impossibility to climb “La Bestia”
Mexico ranks first on organized crime
The Organized Crime Index Africa 2019 includes human and arms trafficking, human smuggling, and flora and fauna crimes in which Mexico is ranked over other 64 countries on civil war or with serious security threats
Forced prostitution and human trafficking in Mexico
Violence against women, femicide, and rape have increased in the last decades
Judge fines prosecutors in child rape case against La Luz del Mundo leader
On Thursday, a Los Angeles judge sanctioned two prosecutors for failing to turn over evidence in the case of Joaquín Naasón García, a Mexican megachurch leader charged with child rape and human trafficking