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The many health benefits of avocado
Avocado is delicious and an excellent complement for many dishes
Mexican companies sold ranitidine that could cause cancer
Authorities found a possible carcinogen substance in ranitidine
Mexican smart food, a healthy option
Smart food includes a minimally processed balanced diet related to sustainable food systems that require fewer pesticides and agrochemicals
Mexican scientists create patch that heals diabetic ulcers
The experts plan to sell the patch in Mexico and abroad
Mexican students create ice cream for diabetics
UVM students developed an ice cream made of Ataulfo mango and flamboyant gum that delays glucose absorption
Mexico could have state-owned cannabis company
On Tuesday, the leader of the Morena party at Mexico's Lower Chamber presented a bill for the creation of a legal market for marijuana including a public company in charge of its regulation
Raising cigarette taxes won't reduce smoking
The government could raise the taxes on products such as cigarettes and sodas once again
Mexican doctor fights diabetes with low-cost surgery
Transit Bipartition is cheaper than other surgeries such as the gastric bypass; it does not favor nutrients malabsorption and requires a less strict medical control
Whiten your teeth using tortillas
his method was used by the Aztecs!
5 health benefits of cacao
Traditionally, cacao was used as an energetic beverage and as a tonic to prevent diseases