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The Pastry War: The First French Intervention in Mexico
The Pastry War took place from 1838 to 1839
The island Mexico lost to France
Clipperton Island used to belong to Mexico. It is rich in a highly demanded fertilizer of the 20th century. More than one powerful country fought for it
French auctioneer rejects Mexico’s request to halt pre-Columbian artifacts sale
Despite Mexico’s efforts to recover over 100 pre-Columbian artifacts from its cultural heritage, and its call to the French government to take action in the case, auction house Millon proceeded with the sale amassing EUR €1.2 million
French police forces deem Mexican mural “offensive”
The Mexican art collective Tlacolulokos is a special guest at the Eldorado Festival in Lille, France
Zacatecas to conquer the European market
This is the first time that the Mexican state will participate in the IFTM fair, which brings over 30,000 professionals, from different parts of Europe, together
Mexican flute player triumphs in France
Miguel Ángel Villanueva is a successful musician and a professor at the UNAM
It is one of the most important exhibitions of Mexican art organized in France
“Being the guest country this year has allowed us to showcase French creativity in all areas"
La Jalapeña, a taco food truck, captivates the city of Labenne in France