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IMF approves smaller flexible credit line for Mexico
The new arrangement will bolster market confidence at a time when trade uncertainty, a sharp pullback in capital from emerging markets, and increased risk premiums pose continued external risks to the Mexican economy
Pemex is drowning in debt
Pemex is in danger of being accused of accounting fraud in the U.S. The oil company has stopped paying contracts to over 950 companies and does not report that debt on its financial statements
Twitter & Google safe from Mexico’s tax to digital economy
Mexico’s Finance Ministry said only those apps related to the services sector, specifically hotels and hosting, will be included in the tax to digital economy companies
Electricity theft is costing over $16,000 million
Until May 2018, the FCE had found 69,515 clandestine electricity connections
 Femsa invests $750 million in the U.S.
Mexican gross fixed investment has fallen on an annual basis
Pemex reduces its debt by $5.17 billion
Pemex is the most indebted oil company in the world
Mexico gives Pemex an additional USD $5 billion
Pemex is burdened by USD $104 billion in financial debt
Mexico will tax Avon, Tupperware, Uber, Didi, and Rappi
The Minister said that the government has not considered taxing apps such as Facebook or Netflix
2020 budget: A glimmer of hope
The payment of pensions, salaries, and public debt take over the budget
Mexico unveils its 2020 budget
Arturo Herrera said 60% of the budget is allocated to payments to local governments and pensions