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Banxico cuts interbank rate for fifth time in a row
Headline inflation, the inflation outlook, greater economic slack, and the recent behavior of external and domestic yield curves were taken into account in Banxico’s decision to lower the rate
Mexico to implement strict public debt management
Mexico’s Finance Ministry said debt management would be “strict and transparent” with an overall goal of guaranteeing sustainable public debt levels over the long term
Recession phase: Mexico’s economy contracts for the first time in a decade
Mexico’s economy contracted last year for the first time in a decade as businesses curbed investment due to concern over the economic management of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador
Cyberattacks against Mexican banks are on the rise
In one year, cyberattacks against finance institutions went from one to four per trimester, which represented affectations for MXN $784.7 million
Mexico’s economy grew 0% in 2019
The World Bank also cut Mexico's growth from 1.5% to 1.2% for 2020
Mexico and Pemex at risk of rating downgrade in 2020
Mexico threw Pemex a lifeline in 2019 to stop USD $80 billion in bonds held by investors worldwide being labeled junk by credit rating agencies; now, investors worry that the state itself is a risk for the oil company
After minimum wage hike, Banxico warns about inflation risk
Mexico's central bank’s board members argued that emerging risk will make it difficult to bring inflation to the bank’s 3% target in 2020
Banxico cuts interbank rates after higher inflation risk
Mexico agreed to raise the daily minimum wage by 20%prompting experts to warn the large hike could make it challenging for Banxico to keep core inflation under control
Mexico to increase minimum wage by 20%
Experts said a large hike could make it challenging for Mexico’s central bank to keep core inflation under control
IMF approves smaller flexible credit line for Mexico
The new arrangement will bolster market confidence at a time when trade uncertainty, a sharp pullback in capital from emerging markets, and increased risk premiums pose continued external risks to the Mexican economy