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Arturo Herrera, Mexico’s Finance Minister, tests positive for COVID-19
Arturo Herrera was appointed as Finance Minister in July 2019
Mexico freezes bank accounts of companies linked to Venezuela’s sanctions evasion network
Two Mexican companies were blacklisted by the U.S. for evading sanctions against Venezuela
IBM agrees to pay MXN $669 million in taxes to Mexico
Recently, Walmart and Femsa agreed to pay their tax liabilities
Walmart Mexico pays the Mexican government over MXN$8 billion in back taxes
Walmart de Mexico paid billions in taxes for its 2014 sale of the Vips restaurant chain to Alsea
Mexico’s GDP shrinks as economy falls deeper into recession
Mexico registered a fifth consecutive quarter of economic contraction confirming the country is in recession since early 2019
Banxico to inject MXN $750 billion to the Mexican economy
Banxico's measures aim to ensure there are credit lines, liquidity, and order during the economic recession
Banxico cuts interbank rate as the coronavirus crisis deepens
Mexico's central bank cut the benchmark rate by 50 basis points
Recession in Mexico: GDP forecast to contract as coronavirus crisis deepens
Mexico’s Finance Ministry has informed that during this year, the economy will slide into recession
Foreign investment leaves Mexico as coronavirus crisis bites
Foreign investors have withdrawn over MXN $150 billion because of the current economic crisis