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Mexico’s President visits El Chapo’s hometown and shakes hands with his mother
The woman is requesting help to obtain a visa in order to visit her son, currently jailed in a U.S. prison
U.S. raids against the Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación won’t tear down El Mencho’s empire
The bloody Mexican cartel is producing unprecedented volumes of synthetic drugs 
Santa Rosa de Lima cartel: El Marro’s father arrested in Guanajuato
José Antonio Yépez "El Marro" is the leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel
U.S. accuses former Nayarit governor Roberto Sandoval for drug-related corruption
The U.S. Department of State publicly designed the former governor of Nayarit Roberto Sandoval Castañeda due to his involvement in significant corruption
Daughter of Jalisco New Generation cartel leader arrested in the U.S.
The Jalisco New Generation cartel is considered as one of the largest and most dangerous criminal organizations
U.S. prosecutors make shocking claims against Genaro García Luna
If convicted, Genaro García Luna faces life imprisonment
Arellano Félix cartel operator “El Chapito Leal” arrested in Tijuana
“El Chapito Leal” is known for also having worked for the Sinaloa cartel
Michoacán’s escalating violence: 24 bodies found in clandestine grave
In recent years, Michoacán has emerged as one of Mexico's most violent states
“El Menchito,” son of Jalisco New Generation cartel leader, is extradited to the U.S.
Rubén Oseguera, son of the top leader of the CJNG cartel, Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, is wanted by the U.S. for drug trafficking conspiracy
Never-before-seen video shows the life of ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán inside a Mexican prison
The Mexican drug lord will remain in a U.S. prison for the rest of his life