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Social security, a right of domestic workers in Mexico
One year after the implementation of the program, the Mexican Social Security Institute gives medical and hospital service to 11,947affiliated domestic workers
Mexico to establish a special minimum wage for domestic workers soon
The Mexican government is planning to introduce a specific minimum wage for 2 million domestic workers in order to boost their labor rights
Yalitza Aparicio, a bold feminist activist
Yalitza Aparicio has vowed to fight for the rights of Indigenous women and domestic workers, who are often discriminated
Yalitza Aparicio teams up with the UN to fight racism
The actress, who is an Indigenous woman, has been constantly mocked and attacked by social media users and Mexican actors
Yalitza Aparicio fights for the rights of domestic workers
In the Netflix film, she plays a maid named Cleo, who is struggling with her own problems as she looks after a middle-class family deserted by their father
Yalitza Aparicio forces Mexico to acknowledge racism and class division
The majority of Mexicans celebrated Yalitza and “Roma”, as it finally put an indigenous woman at center stage but many others discriminated her
‘Roma’ inspires domestic workers in the U.S. to seek legal protection
There are more than 2 million domestic workers living in the U.S., many of which are illegal immigrants
Yalitza Aparicio, the Indigenous woman tearing down walls
The film is not a mere childhood memory, it also explores inequality, social classes, and the treatment of domestic workers
Domestic workers will now have rights to social security in Mexico
Mexico's Supreme Court rules domestic workers will now have constitutional rights to social security
Velasco, López Obrador's #1 fan
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