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Guadalupe Posada, the man behind “La Catrina”
Posada is considered as an icon of Mexican culture as his work stood out during a time when no form of artistic expression could comment on political issues
Mexico City, in Latin Americans' bucket lists
Mexico City is in the top 10 most sought-after international destinations in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru
Meet Capula's artisans of death
The Catrina Fair has managed to vindicate typical elements of the Purépecha people’s traditions
Day of the Dead: A boost for sales in Mexico
According to OSE, 79% of Mexicans have purchased candy during this season
Mixquic: The town of the dead
San Andrés Mixquic in Mexico City is one of the most popular neighborhoods to celebrate the Day of the Dead
the altars pay homage to those who have died in the name of freedom, all those massacred by the Mexican government on October 2, 1968
Everything you need to know about literary “Calaveras”
Written with irony, "calaveras" criticize the faults and vices of a specific person while narrating their death
Instagram launches Day of the Dead filter
The most widely used hashtags in Mexico are #DAYOFTHEDEAD, #DIADELOSMUERTOS, #CATRINA, and #HALLOWEEN
Day of the Dead thematic park
This dark and mysterious park is invaded by the smell of incense, candles and Mexican marigold
The traditional Zócalo's ofrenda pays homage to migrants