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Mexicráneos & Alebrijes fill Paris with color
The exhibition wants to share Mexico’s cultural essence
Flowers will bring you back to life in Mexico City’s Day of the Dead Flowers Festival
Day of the dead: Traditional celebrations around Mexico
In Mexico, each region has a unique and traditional way to celebrate the emblematic Day of the Dead
S’ui K’ien, the Mazatec party of the dead in Oaxaca
Hundreds of dancers take over the streets of Huautla de Jiménez, a Mazatec community in Oaxaca to celebrate the Party of the Dead to the rhythm of the drums, guitars, and violins
The traditional Night of the Dead in Michoacán
The Night of the Dead takes place between November 1 and 2 throughout Michoacán's lake region
Xantolo, Day of the Dead in San Luis Potosí
The Huasteca Potosina celebrates Xantolo. There are 20 municipalities with their own traditions that include dances, vigils, and altars with a common purpose: to venerate the dearly departed
Catemaco: Witches, sorcerers, and shamans in Mexico
For decades, Catemaco has been a place where white and black magic collide
The mythological journey to Mictlán, the Aztec underworld
According to Aztec mythology, when people died, they had to go through a journey of nine levels. The process, which lasted for four years, was full of obstacles
Day of the Dead jewelry
This Mexican jewelry brand launched several pieces to celebrate the Day of the Dead
Day of the Dead makeup tutorial
Two makeup artists created two easy Day of the Dead makeup tutorials for our readers!