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Former reporter calls for ex-gay march in Mexico
Mauricio Clark insists he is not promoting conversion therapy and that his claims are not homophobic
Mexico is the only city in the world where these figures are dressed up as saints, doctors, football players, firefighters, among other characters
Religious art is in danger
Casa Morton was involved in a scuffle with Mexican prosecutors, after comparing the origin of some pieces of religious art they had under consignment through ArtLoss
The Three Kings go green
The Semarnat explained that balloons aren't biodegradable and that both aquatic and terrestrial animals die because they eat the balloons or get trapped in cords
More austerity at the INE
Under Reserve features fact-checked news written by journalists and contributors to EL UNIVERSAL
16 facts about the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Inside you can find Saint Juan Diego's blanket, the “canvas” where, according to the Catholic faith, the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe is portrayed and which shows her pregnancy
In America Latina, where a vast majority of the society identifies as Catholic, a deep religious change is taking place
Catholics head the list of those who modified their religious beliefs
During the service, Pope Francis lamented the exploitation and ill-treatment of thousands of children, young people, women and elderly people in the Americas.