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Malinche, Tecuelhuetzin, and Tecuichpo: the forgotten women
For centuries, historians have ignored several women who played essential roles in the colonization of Mexico
Italy to help Mexico restore historic buildings
Two years from the earthquakes of September 7 and 19, 2017, the restoration of Mexican cultural heritage has a progress of 42% in the recovery of 2,340 damaged in 11 states of the country
Mexico still in debt with Honduran cultural heritage
Honduras is still waiting to recover a stolen jade breastplate lent to Mexico 20 years ago
Over 4,000 pre-Hispanic vestiges found in Chapultepec
The Chapultepec Park, Hill, and Castle Project is directed by archeologist María de Lourdes López Camacho
The secret pre-Hispanic mine in Taxco
The Chontal hid this mine from the Spanish; it was discovered in 2013
Archeologists find burial site at ex-convent of San Agustín in Mexico City
A group of INAH archeologists found evidence of modifications made to the San Agustín temple
INAH presents Grolier Codex in Mexico City
The exhibition will continue until October 28 at the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City Tuesday through Sunday
Craftsman recreates ancient sounds
Agustín García recreates pre-Hispanic sounds thanks to his knowledge in physics and mathematics