Mexico has the most unfaithful city

In 2018, over 195,000 Mexican users joined Ashley Madison, the dating platform for married people

The world's most unfaithful city is in Mexico
Currently, more women than men are looking for extramarital relationships – Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Mexico has become a referent of unfaithfulness since the municipality of Ecatepec in the State of Mexico is the place where this misconduct is practiced the most which took it to the top spot of Ashley Madison’s ranking.

The dating platform for married people said that according to its study on the most unfaithful cities in the world, currently, there are more women than men looking for an extramarital relationship with a ratio of 2.06 women per each man.

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On a statement, Ashley Madison highlighted that in 2018, over 195,000 Mexican users joined this network for cheaters, “since every day more people choose to take control of their desires and make them real instead of just another pending on the list.”

Director of Communications of Ashley Madison for the Hispanic market, Víctor Hermosillo, said that “Ecatepec is one of the cities with more population with approximately 1.6 million inhabitants and it is also the most unfaithful place in the world.”

Did you know that 3 out of 10 marriages in Mexico end in divorce?

“Nowadays, some of the causes related to unfaithfulness are communication problems, lack of sexual satisfaction, lack of love, habits, economic problems, and, lastly ‘revenge’ after finding out your partner has cheated on you,” he argued.

He added that according to the Top Ranking of the most unfaithful cities in the world, Ecatepec is in the first place, followed by Tel Aviv, in Israel, Dallas, in the United States, and Vancouver, in Canada.

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