Floating library to visit Mexico

The ship Logos Hope will dock at several Mexican ports, starting this March 25

Logos Hope – Photo:EFE
English 25/02/2018 14:50 Mérida, Yucatán EFE Actualizada 14:57
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The ship Logos Hope, considered the world's largest floating library, arrives this march to Mexican shores with a prize: over 5,000 book titles available at low prices.

“It will be an amazing story because all the people who visit our vessel will have the opportunity to share their customs and culture with the crew, made up of volunteers from over 60 countries,” said during an interview Pavel Martínez, Communication Media officer aboard the ship which began to sail the world in 2009.

As part of its tour in Latin America – which began on January 30 in Cartagena, Colombia – Logos Hope will dock at several ports in Mexico starting this March 25.

The ship will dock first in Veracruz, then it will sail to the shores of Tampico (from May 28 to June 19), Coatzacoalcos (June 20, July 9) and Progreso, Yucatán, where it is scheduled to conclude the tour on July 24.

The ship will offer to its visitors a selection of international literature, cultural events, conferences, concerts, plays, and workshops. “We offer something different at every port,” claimed Pavel Martínez.

“We also donate books, water purifiers, and reading glasses at orphanages and low-income schools, and we participate in community construction or renovation projects,” added the representative.

Logos Hope has laid anchor in Asia, Africa, and Europe, with over 46 million visitors to the ship.

Before Logos Hope set sail, there were Logos, Logos II and Duolos, whose worldwide tour began in 1970 and since then, the ships have jointly visited over 151 countries.

In 2004, Logos Hope was acquired by the company OM Ships International, a Germany-based company promoting cultural exchange, community service, and floating libraries, and in 2009 it began its mission as a floating library, departing from Køger, Denmark, with thousands of volunteers from all around the world.

After Mexico, the ship will make its way to other countries, such as Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.


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