Will they cut off heads at the SNTE?

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Will they cut off heads at the SNTE?
Juan Díaz and José Antonio Meade, the candidate that led them to the abyss
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Will they cut off heads at the SNTE?

We're told that under total secrecy, the National Education Workers Syndicate (SNTE), led by Juan Díaz, will hold an important conclave today, referred by the teachers' union as the National Secretariat's Extraordinary Session. After forming an alliance during the elections with the PRI, through the New Alliance Party, the union's political wing, which was presided by Elba Esther Gordillo for years. We're told that the teachers surely will have a lot to debate and discuss. They also told us, in detail how, the assembly asks their union members for discretion, so much that until early Monday morning will they reveal the location of the secret conclave, and later, “the strategic content of the agenda to develop”. They point out that the teacher’s actions, the presidential election, and the bad political decisions might be evaluated. They don't rule out, we're told, that even Juan might question his permanence because of the stampede that's forming after Andrés Manuel López Obrador's victory. Did the SNTE lose the bet? Will they cut off heads?

Roberto Albores and the millionaire contracts

The PRI candidate to the Chiapas Government, Roberto Albores Gleason, shouldn't be worried about his third place during July 1st elections, but because among some local politicians, it's claimed that when he led the PRI in Chiapas, he hired over 500 companies during his 3-year-term as the State Leader. We're told that among them there are contracts with 15 different companies, worth almost MXN $185 million. They explain that according to the contracts list that was made public by the party, between 2013 and 2015, during Albores's presidency, some contracts start from MXN $7 and up to MXN $41 million and that it wasn't possible to identify what did these companies did for the PRI in Chiapas because they only published the supplier list and the assigned sum on their transparency website. So, in these case, the least of Roberto's worries will be the election loss.

“It wasn't a joke, it was a protest”

Last Sunday, in this section, we said that on Friday Mexico appeared before the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women and that one of Miguel Ruiz Cabañas's comment to the President of the Committee, Dalia Leinarte, raised some feminist brows in Geneva, Switzerland. She gave him a minute to answer a question, to which Ruiz Cabañas replied: “I can't even answer my wife in one minute”. Trough a letter, the ambassador laments the way his comment was interpreted: “I never intended to make a joke or prank”, he says. Mr. Miguel explains that it wasn't a joke, but a protest because the Committee president interrupted the delegation several times and didn't give them enough time to answer the experts properly. And that when one of the experts made a particularly complex question and they were given the floor, the president announced that they only had one minute to answer. Indeed, his answer was that not even his wife gets a reply that fast and that she's the woman who better knows him after 35 years of marriage, and that he couldn't even answer her properly in just one minute. It wasn't a joke, it was a complaint. It was a complaint after the continuous interruptions made by the president.

A dike for AMLO

We're told that there have been rumors in the Senate that the PRI and PAN, who will be a minority in the next term, might create new fast-track reforms during an extraordinary term to limit the new President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in areas such as anti-corruption and the Attorney General to place their allies. Nevertheless, we're told that that would have two problems. Firstly, it would affect the smooth transition agreed by President Peña Nieto and AMLO, and secondly, that since last week the Senate fired the commission’s technical staff. So if someone thinks that they can pull off those reforms to build a dike around AMLO, we're told, that they don't know the Senate and its schedule works.


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