published a series of interviews with several organizations that help victims of domestic violence , which are led by the National Shelters Network , where they all lament and disapprove the presidential initiative to end financial support for these organizations that help women because the issue is not only about money, but it is also a public health issue that has to be solved by experts and embrace an integral approach , which women wouldn't find if they stayed in a hotel or at a family member's home, although they are good options, aren't always the best option.

In contrast with the daycare program , which was modified and the changes were supported by a large part of society as they consider that the budget cut was justified as they agree that there were some proven corruption cases , for example, daycares registered more children than they actually cared for; in regards to the suspension of government funds to maintain the shelters for women who are victims of domestic abuse , there is a general consensus that they are necessary and that they shouldn't disappear.

If the government turns its back on these shelters , it would imply the closure of around 80 shelters throughout the country, as well as the dismissal of the personnel: psychologists, doctors, nurses, lawyers, social workers, and cooks that work there, which would mean wasting their experience and expertise . Where else could women obtain all that attention and support from experts in one place and during the moment when they need it the most.

“A woman (experiencing) extreme violence needs to save her life, not money ,” says one of the women interviewed by EL UNIVERSAL . It should also be considered that the shelter is available for the victim and they only need to arrive and ask for help, receiving money would require them to carry out paperwork and prove that they need the financial aid and wait for the authorities to approve the request and even people who don't need the financial aid could be granted it.

In this sense, it's nonsense to think that it's same to give money to women in a critical situation than to make shelters available for them so that they can live their lives freely and leave the homes where they are being mistreated without fear or uncertainty .

This crisis is an open invitation for the federal government to rethink some of the decisions it has taken in the name of Republican austerity , in its quest to save money to be able to finance other projects, it is leaving women unprotected despite claiming it is worried about them but violating their right to live free of violenc e.


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