Televisa vs. Alemán

In the face of the conflict between two , Televisa and Alemán , sparked by the sale-purchase of Sistema Radiópolis , there are some government sources who have suggested that President López Obrador is involved. They claim that the idea to mediate the conflict between the businessmen came from other business leaders who are part of the President's board of advisers. Although the feud is between two individuals, they claim that it's not a good sign that Emilio Azcárraga and Miguel Alemán Magnani , who were friends once, solve their issues in a tribunal and in media . Will the President step in?

Will Isidro Avelar Gutiérrez face justice?

We've been told that it was surprising that the Judiciary made a mistake in the case of magistrate judge . When the Judiciary issued a statement, it forgot to omit his last name and since the judge linked a drug cartel has been charged, not found guilty yet, this could be used by the judge to argue that his rights were violated. The problem is that Isidro Avelar's lawyers could use this to argue that authorities didn't respect his rights, a claim that might affect his trial , even when authorities have plenty of evidence .

López Obrador and Del Mazo team up


and state authorities collaborated to free the two people kidnapped in the , a national park located in the state of Mexico. We've been told that both authorities were in contact since Sunday morning, exchanged information and launched intelligence operations to find the victims . The intervention of the N ational Guard and state police are the result of the collaboration between President López Obrador and governor Alfredo del Maz o, who solved the issue despite political differences.

Conflicts at the Cofepris

Business leaders

from the pharmaceutical industry are upset about what they consider to be a paralysis at the . They claim that this government department has closed its doors for 12 months now. The business leaders argue that have filed a large number of request to carry out investigations , imports , and other requests, which have simply been ignored. In contrast, the Cofepris has granted import permits to French , Indian , and Argentinian companies. Those close to the Cofepris, led by J osé Alonso Novelo , claim that there is no paralysis and the Mexican pharmaceutical companies are the ones who were benefited by the previous government. The issue is that someone in the federal government should pay more attention and solve the issue soon.


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