Teacher receives support from the community

After the publication of his story, a Mexico City businessman offered to donate uniforms to Montelongo's students

"Teacher of the van” receives support from the community
Teacher Francisco Javier Montelongo – Photo: Roberto Iván Aguilar/EL UNIVERSAL
English 21/05/2018 11:04 Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas Roberto Aguilar, Correspondent for EL UNIVERSAL Actualizada 11:11
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A businessman from Mexico City will donate 65 uniforms to the students of the elementary school where Francisco Javier Montelongo Guzmán, the “teacher of the van” is the principal.

Since the article published by EL UNIVERSAL, telling Montelongo's story, several individuals, public officials, and entrepreneurs have contacted him to offer their support but this is the first concrete donation he's received.

“I received a call from Juan Carlos Ramirez, from a private security company, Grupo Maya, in Mexico City. He told me he read the article and that he wanted to help us,” said Montelongo.

They talked about several of the school's needs and Ramírez confirmed that he would donate uniforms for the 65 students of elementary school “Alberto Carrera Torres,” for the afternoon shift.

Given the donation and the support he's received, “teacher Paco” confesses he feels overwhelmed by the positive response he's received from the people after the publication of the article.

“I never thought this would happen. I'm thankful for the support of the people, who want to help the children.”

Francisco Montelongo teaches the morning shift at elementary school Engineer Marte R. Gómez and at 13:00 he gets his 1989 Volkswagen van ready to pick up 25 of the students he teaches at another elementary school during the afternoon shift, of which he is the principal.

While he claims his van has had some mechanical failures and that the tires are worn out, he claims he's still motivated and that he'll keep going.


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