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Sustainable tourism: Eat like a local in Mexico City
Eat Like a Local has different tours - Photo: Sandra Torres/EL UNIVERSAL

Sustainable tourism: Eat like a local in Mexico City

Rubén Hernández
Mexico City
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Sustainable tourism benefits vendors, guides, and tourists

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Rocío Vázquez Landeta created a series of gastronomic tours in Mexico City, called Eat Like a Local, in order to promote tourism in areas such as food, wines, and artisanal beverages, as well as other cultural aspects that revolve around gastronomy through an innovative sustainable tourism concept that benefits all those involved.

“Everything comes from a bad experience, such as the ones we've all experienced when we hire a tour and everything turns out horribly. They lie to you in regards to what they offer and you have to pay extra because certain products, such as beverages, are not included in the fee.”

Rocío Vázquez explains that during a trip to Istanbul, she “met a man who seemed to be a vagabond; but he was actually a very bohemian man who liked to enjoy life and have a good time, and who guided to understand and appreciate Istanbul as if I was part of the local population. Then this project was developed and the idea to share a little about the city and its gastronomic culture through a closer experience, more real, and where no one felt deceived or was effected, including the city itself.”



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She adds that the social cost of tourism could be very high and can even affect the population if it is not carried out through in a sustainable manner, respectful of all actors. These are situations that forced countries like Vietnam to reconsider their rules for touristic activities.

In regards to sustainable tourism, Rocío explains that is about “no abuses for any of the parties involved, to promote a good relationship, and that we are fair in regards to prices. We care about the total quality of the product and that, invariably, we always leave the streets, markets, public spaces, and the city in a better state than we found it.”

Through Eat Like a Local, Rocío and her team developed different tours that last between 3 to 5 hours and that cover different neighborhoods, including Roma, Condesa, Guerrero, and San Rafael. The tours center around topics such as coffee shops, markets, Mexican wine, and vegetarian food, among others.

All the tours analyze the places and their relation to the city and its history, as well as a taste of Mexican food and beverages.

Rocío explains that on average the tours cost USD $110 “and everything is included: transport, tourist guide, food, and beverages; there are no additional costs. We have focused on educating all those involved so that no one is abusive: so that the tourist doesn't consider haggling, so the vendor sets fair prices and creates good relationships. Everyone makes a good wage; without forgetting that we are set apart from intermediaries, who prevent us from being competitive. Some agencies make up to 35% of profits.”



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Moreover, the tour guides are mostly women with academic degrees and a lot of knowledge about the culture.

Eat Like a Local has received a very positive response from all types of tourists: elderly people, young people, tourists from the U.S., mainly from cities like New York.

You can book your tour here.



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