Surprising health benefits of ponche
Ponche is a traditional beverage in Mexico – Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

Surprising health benefits of ponche

Paola Jiménez
Mexico City
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Besides being delicious, ponche is perfect to keep yourself warm in winter

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Ponche is one of Mexico’s traditional beverages during the holiday season and it is always present in posadas and dinners. Besides being delicious, ponche is perfect to keep yourself warm in winter.

This beverage is a combination of different fruits like apple, guava, tejocote, tamarind, sugar cane, raisins, and some people even add a bit of hibiscus. All these ingredients make ponche to be a beverage full of health benefits.

Once you know all the health benefits of ponche, it will surely become one of your favorite beverages.

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It helps to heal wounds
One of the benefits of drinking ponche is that it can help heal wounds. This is thanks to all the vitamins it contains but mainly due to vitamin C that works as an ascorbic acid which has an important role in the healing process.

It prevents colds
Ponche is a beverage that contains fruits that supply vitamin C, like guavas and tejocotes. It is known that vitamin C helps prevent respiratory diseases like colds.

In addition, these fruits also stimulate the production of leukocytes which prevent bacterias and viruses from entering into the body, according to a study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

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It fights constipation
Another of the benefits of drinking ponche is that it can fight constipation. If you constantly suffer from this issue, then we recommend you drink ponche.

Ponche has this benefit because the peels from the fruits it contains, like apple, are a good source of fiber and besides fighting constipation, having a diet high in fiber can prevent cholesterol levels in blood from rising, as mentions the British National Health Service.

It improves digestion
Tamarind, raisins, guava, and sugar cane are a source of fiber and hence they are good to improve digestion. It is normal for us to eat too much in the holiday season and sometimes this causes stomach upset, but by drinking ponche you will be preventing all these problems.

The food we eat in the holiday season can cause inflammation in the intestine, but since it contains vitamin E, guava can fight this symptom.

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It provides antioxidants
One of the ingredients in ponche is tejocote, which contains phenols and flavonoids, antioxidants that, along with vitamin C, can hinder aging signs, improve the immune system, and work as anti-inflammatories.

These are some of the benefits of drinking ponche; besides it being a delicious beverage, it can help you improve your health and fight some intestinal problems.

But you must consider that when fruits are boiled for too long it can lose some of its nutrients so it is best to first add the hardest fruits and the softest at last.

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