Surprising benefits of eating amaranth

Amaranth is used for preparing traditional sweets, desserts, breading, water, and many other recipes

Surprising benefits of eating amaranth
Amaranth is a traditional food in Mexico – Photo: Natalia De la Rosa Hilario/EL UNIVERSAL
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Do you like amaranth? It is a food with many benefits.

Besides its use for the traditional sweets called “alegrías”, it is used for breading, to make desserts, to prepare amaranth water and other recipes.

It does not matter how you eat amaranth, but by eating it daily you can supply your body with the different benefits that come with it.

Here is what happens when you eat this food daily:

It prevents swelling
Swelling is an immune answer of the body to protect it from injuries or infections. But chronic inflammation can derive from diseases like diabetes or cancer.

An article published by onlinelibrary.wiley mentions that amaranth reduces swelling and that it also helps to inhibit the production of immunoglobulin E, an antibody related to swelling.

It lowers cholesterol levels
If you eat amaranth daily, then you are helping your body to lower its cholesterol levels. According to a study published by the Oxford Academy, a diet that includes amaranth can reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood up to 30%.


It prevents osteoporosis
As years go by, our bones weaken and problems like osteoporosis can appear. Amaranth contains calcium, which is involved in the strengthening and prevention of the demineralization of bones.

Consuming this food can help prevent osteoporosis and increases bone strength, according to an article published by Springer Link.

It helps with weight loss
Besides healthy eating, if you eat amaranth daily you are also helping your body to lose those extra pounds. Amaranth is rich in proteins and fiber, elements that help with weight loss.

A study published by Oxford Academy recommends consuming proteins like those in amaranth at breakfast. Eating protein in the morning can reduce the levels of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger.

It eliminates varicose veins
This condition affects women mainly, but eating amaranth can prevent the apparition of these veins. This food contains vitamin C, an element that boosts the production of collagen.

Collagen helps repair and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. In addition, amaranth contains several kinds of flavonoids, such as rutin. This flavonoid is related to the elimination and prevention of varicose veins through the strengthening of capillary walls, according to a study published by Springer Link.


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