Several countries claim to have invented : Germany , Italy , France , Greece , Al-Andalus , and others.


is a confection or that is made using powdered sugar and powdered almonds . The paste is then shaped into flowers , animals , fruits , and many other shapes. It is also used to decorate cakes and .

According to , marzipan was invented in Italy ; however, the French have also claim to have invented marzipan , and Germans have a marzipan capital , Lübeck .

The first written reference of marzipan took place in Toledo , Spain , in 1512.

Back in the day, it was believed that marzipan had medicinal properties and indeed, marzipan is beneficial for the brain as it contains almonds , which are rich in lecithin , a substance that stimulates nerve cells .

Once marzipan arrived in Mexico , the almonds were replaced with peanuts and the delicious treat was named “ .”


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Although the most popular and commercial marzipan in Mexico is made with peanuts, there are dozens of versions. For example, in Toluca , it is made with pumpkin seed and in Tlacotalpan , Veracruz , marzipan is made using almond and mamey fruit .

Besides Mexico , Italy , France , Germany , Estonia , and Spain , marzipan is also popular in countries such as Holland , Russia , Austria , Hungary, and throughout the Middle East.


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