Ricardo Anaya is back

The former PAN presidential candidate, Ricardo Anaya , has been very active inside his party lately, after the death of the parliamentary coordinator, Rafael Moreno Valle . We've been told that Anaya is pressuring Marko Cortés to appoint Gustavo A. Madero as the parliamentary coordinator in the Senate . The strategy of the former “wonder boy” is to return to the PAN 's National Commission. Inside the party, his return would mean a blow for Cortés' presidency , who has struggled to distance himself from Anaya . Will the new leadership survive Anaya 's return?

Keeping the President safe

After a serious analysis of the risks it implied, the President's security team decided that he shouldn't visit the towns that are known for fuel theft . We've been told that the President will visit public places in the main municipalities in the states of Hidalgo and Mexico , to present a social program for 80 municipalities that have been affected by fuel theft. Nevertheless, we've been told that the President's team has determined he shouldn't tour the communities where fuel theft is common.

The PAN is at risk

The PAN is wondering who is responsible for losing Puebla 's acting Governor position. Who can explain why Jesús Rodríguez Almeida didn't become acting Governor and how come he wasn't even nominated for not having been born in Puebla ? Who didn't verify his information? Some claim that it wasn't just an omission, but that someone inside the PAN wanted to destroy Rafael Moreno Valle 's group. The thing is that the PAN is at risk of losing the state if they don't collaborate.

The Zavala siblings

We've been told that yesterday was an important day for the Zavala family . The former PAN member and f ormer independent presidential candidate, Margarita Zavala , made her intention of creating a new political party official, called Democratic Responsibility and Freedom Association ( LIBRE ). Her husband, former President Felipe Calderón , will also be part of the party. Her brother, Juan Ignacio Zavala , has joined the MC party, a political force coordinated by Senator Clemente Castañeda, who is close to Jalisco's Governor, Enrique Alfaro. Some say that in case they can't register LIBRE , they might join MC in 2021 . We will see what's to come for the Zavala siblings.


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