The man responsible for the Vaquita's extinction is freed from prison

A federal judge decided the detention of the “Totoaba Tsar” had been arbitrary and didn't follow the due process
The man responsible for the Vaquita's extinction is freed from prison
The totoaba is sold for thousand of dollars in the Asian market – Photo: Courtesy of PROFEPA
Ricardo Moya
Mexico City
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Óscar “N”, also known as “El Parra”, the “Totoaba Tsar”, and his two alleged security guards were freed from prison after a federal judge claimed their arrest didn't take place in the way the police report stated, said the Council of the Federal Judiciary (CJF).

He is said to be a member of the Sinaloa cartel, and it's considered as one of the most wanted criminals in Baja California. Óscar “N” was arrested, along with his companions, on September 13, in Santa Fe, Mexicali.

According to the Almoloya judge, the Public Prosecutor Office requested to start the criminal process against Óscar “N”, Carlos Eduardo “N”, and Édgar Alejandro “N”, for several federal crimes.

In its report, the state authorities informed that they found several vehicles parked, and upon inspection, they found that there were seven firearms inside the vehicles, as well as 53.9 grams of meth, radios, firearm chargers, cartridges, and a bullet-proof vest.

The alleged criminal's lawyer proved that the police officers “took the firearms from Óscar N's home, violently, three hours before the arrest. It was proved that the doors were damaged, as well as the presence of military boots' marks in several parts of the house”.

In the face of these and other irregularities, like the videos that show police officers accompanying the detainees to the vehicles three hours before they reported the arrest, the judge declared he wouldn't start a criminal process against them and ordered their immediate release.

Until last Saturday, they were in El Altiplano, a federal prison in the State of Mexico.

Local authorities informed that El Parra has a pending arrest warrant for the murder of a soldier on December 2017.

Although a judge said their detention was legal, and that they committed a crime by owning guns exclusive for military use, it was until September 20 when a judge decided not to start a criminal process against them.

The totoaba is trafficked because several aphrodisiac and healing properties are attributed to its bladder, which is highly valued in the Asian market.


The man responsible for the Vaquita's extinction is arrested

The totoaba is highly appreciated in the Asian market because of its bladder, as aphrodisiac and healing properties have been attributed to it, which has driven an increase in its illegal trafficking
The man responsible for the Vaquita's extinction is arrestedThe man responsible for the Vaquita's extinction is arrested


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