Rescue dogs awarded for their outstanding work

Frida and fellow rescue dogs received an award for their performance in search & rescue operations

Rescue dogs awarded for their outstanding work
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English 18/03/2018 12:01 Mexico City Notimex Actualizada 12:05
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For their outstanding work in search & rescue operations following the earthquakes which hit Mexico last September, “Frida” and other rescue dogs of the Canine Unit of the Mexican Navy and of the K9 Unit of the Search & Rescue Department of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the National Defense, and the Federal Police, received an award during the II National Security and Emergency Awards of Mexico.

During the event, which took place at the Siglo XXI Medical Center, the rescue dogs were brought to the podium to receive their certificate and statuette, as a way to thank them for their joint and unconditional assistance in the category Good Practices during Emergencies.

The ceremony was attended by some of the Navy's most famous rescue dogs such as “Frida”, “Evil”, and “Eco”, in addition to the rescue dogs of the UNAM “Mina", "Geri", and "Mali", together with their handlers Paolo Malfitano, David Cázares, and Mario Aguilar.

Julio Velázquez, head of the K9 Unit of the UNAM, considered the role rescue dogs played during the earthquakes was uplifting not only for the University but also for the entire country

The Search & Rescue Dog Unit Program of the UNAM has seven out of the nine rescue dogs certified in Mexico, with a total of 25 rescue dogs and 28 handlers.

“We continue with our selection process and the activities are free because we need canine teams which can assist in times of need, not only in [Mexico City] but also in other areas of the country,” said Velázquez.

According to information he also provided, a national seminar for canine units will be held in April at the University City campus.


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