19 | SEP | 2019
Mexico recreational cocaine
In 2006, Mexico launched a war against drugs - Photo: US DEA/REUTERS

Is recreational cocaine legal in Mexico?

Alexis Ortiz
Mexico City
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The historic decision is seen as a step towards the decriminalization of drugs

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An administrative tribunal in Mexico City ordered the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) to authorize the possession, transport, and use of cocaine, excluding its sale, to an NGO.

The two writs of protection were filed by members of an NGO called Mexico United against Crime (MUCD), as part of a campaign to aims to put an end to the war against drugs, which was launched in 2006 and that has resulted in thousands of people dead and missing.

“The decisions are relevant because they are the first of its kind because they will spark a debate about the decriminalization of people who use different substances, and reinforce the current government's intention to reformulate the fight against drugs,” said the MUCD in a statement.

Nevertheless, the NGO also explained that these writs of amparo do not make cocaine legal not can they be valid until they are confirmed by a collegiate tribunal.

Despite this, the ONG emphasizes that “this is a historic step towards the understanding of the drug phenomenon by the Judiciary and a unique opportunity to advocate for the end of the war and the reorientation of public resources towards the prevention of sanction of high-impact crimes.”


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