Is the PRI really bankrupt?

Although Mexicans don't notice it, the battle to lead the PRI is becoming much more intense. There are PRI members who think the party should elect its new leaders through a direct poll claim that the current PRI elite , along with members of Peña Nieto's team and former leaders , are preparing a report to announce that the party is in red, and therefore, it can't afford to organize a poll. Based on this argument, alleging financial troubles , they will propose that the internal election is carried out through a political council or counselors, who will be imposed by the national leadership to benefit José Narro . We've been told according to the INE , it is possible to organize an open consultation but it would cost the PRI MXN $230 million . In the face of this scenario, the alarming financial report will be released today. Nevertheless, they claim that this precarious situation is hard to believe because, not long ago, the PRI requested a credit for MXN $280 million to build the “PRI's New Library.” The PRI members in favor of the consultation are wondering what is better during these critical times at the PRI, build a library or listen to the party members?

Lawmakers claim they were productive

For some critics of the legislative labor , the lower chamber left some important issues pending. Nevertheless, everyone has different numbers and in the lower chamber, they claim they solved a lot of issues. They recognized the development of the education reform , that was later halted at the Senate ; the creation of the National Guard, which still lack secondary laws, and the approval of 23 national days such as the Day of the Wrestler, the Day of Housing, the Day of the Copywriter, and the Day of Bees.

The ironic Minister

The only member of the cabinet who voiced their opinion in regards to march against President López Obrador , which took place on Sunday, was the Communications and Transport Minister Javier Jiménez Espriú . He posted a message on Twitter , saying “I never thought that all of those who are against AMLO would go to the march but yes...ALL OF THEM WENT!”, referring to the fact that 15,000 people attended the protest.

AMLO changes his agenda

We've been told that after meeting with several Governors , President López Obrador decided to change his agenda for the next days to solve some of the issues mentioned by the Governors, mainly related to insecurity . We've been that now the President will have more presence in the states by organizing national security meetings and taking his morning press conference to other cities.


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