The PRI and PRD are on a comatose state

According to information released by the Inegi, in 2018, political parties were on the least trusted institution

The PRI and PRD are on a comatose state
PRI members during a press conference - Photo: Agustín Salinas/EL UNIVERSAL
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Political parties in Mexico have been going through a crisis generated because, among many other factors, they distanced themselves from society's needs, a situation that has persisted for years.

According to information released by the Inegi, in 2018, political parties were on the least trusted “institution or society actor.” Only 17.8% of those surveyed trust political parties, against 76.8% of trust of public universities, the best-qualified institution.

Parties that used to dominate political life are now reduced to ashes and at risk of disappearing.

In many of them, the lack of democracy inside the parties, the appointments through imposition, the lack of dialogue, and the lack of transparency in the use of public resources are an everyday practice and the reason for their collapse during the 2017 election.

Two of the parties that exemplify the demise are the PRI and the PRD. The PRD had up to 125 deputies in 2006, in comparison with 2019, after the terrible results obtained during the 2017 election and desertion, as it only has 11 deputies, less than a tenth of the number of lawmakers they had 12 years ago.

Although during the July 1st election, a party, Morena, had an overwhelming triumph. This result was influenced by the popularity and sympathy built by the now-President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Political plurality will always be crucial to building solutions for the most serious problems in the country. Nevertheless, currently, the opposition seems to have lost its compass in the face of the results obtained during the previous electoral process, therefore, only one voice prevails in the political arena.

No party has publicly apologized or acknowledged its responsibility for the problems Mexico is suffering, such as poverty and insecurity.

If they maintain the same attitude towards society, not putting themselves in the position of the majority of society and not aspiring to only receive millions in public resources for their operation, their surviving options aren't many,

The political parties system is in a coma but it's also the option that represents democracy. Its survival depends on the attitude adopted by the parties.


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