18 | OCT | 2019
PRI, from almighty to laughingstock
Chamber of deputies - Photo: File photo/ EL UNIVERSAL

PRI, from almighty to laughingstock

Mexico City
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PRI, from almighty to laughingstock

The PRI, from almighty in the Senate to “laughingstock”, as Diego Fernández de Cevallos (PAN) once called the wings with the least number of seats at the Chamber of Deputies, these numbers were similar in the Senate after Morena's overwhelming victory. Ironically, by dethroning the party in power, Morena will have the same number of senators as the PRI, 55, who is still in shock about their colossal loss. With 13 members, the PRI will have to wait for Morena to choose their positions in the plenary session, commissions, and even in which floor do they want their offices. So, for the first time, we're told that they're outsiders in their former realm.

Doubts surround the plane crash in Cuba
Almost 2 months after the Boeing 737-200 accident, where a plane crashed in Cuba on May 18 and led to over 200 deaths, we're told that the General Office of Civil Aviation is about to definitely close Global Air, the owner of the plane, for irregularities and for not complying with the directives; meaning, the recommendations that were made due to the lack of maintenance. But it also has to be known which officers from the Civil Aviation didn't comply with their responsibilities by ignoring the non-fulfillment of requirements by Global Air, owned by the Spanish entrepreneur Manuel Rodríguez Campos.

AMLO manages the abundance
The power bestowed upon Andrés Manuel López Obrador by the citizens grants him the possibility of a virtual “abundance administration”, in this case, of public positions. In the light of the possibility of his coalition facing troubles during the election, the decision was made to strategically place certain figures in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate. The results have allowed, for example, that a candidate for Congress, that had been registered by the PES, Zoé Robledo, is now presented as the Undersecretary of Internal Affairs. This results in the distribution of two positions, public officer, and a seat in Congress for the substitute. The same dynamic will apply for Olga Sánchez Cordero or Rocío Nahle, who is the next Energy Secretary and has won a seat at Congress.

“Not even my wife gets an answer back after a minute”

On Friday Mexico appeared before the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). The Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Miguel Ruiz Cabañas, admitted to backwardness and the State's intention to overcome them. “The most painful challenge, and that's not exclusive to Mexico, refers to the persistence of gender inequality and its deep root in our society. It's a multidimensional phenomenon rooted in a sexist and patriarchal culture”, he explained. Nevertheless, we're told that one of his comments to the Chief of the Committee, Dalia Leinarte, raised feminists brows in Geneva, Switzerland. She gave him one minute to answer a question, to which Ruiz Cabañas replied: “I can't even reply to my wife in a minute”. We're told they thought it was a terrible joke.  

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