The Presidential guard is keeping an eye on AMLO

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The Presidential guard is keeping an eye on AMLO
Jimmy Morales and López Obrador – Photo: Courtesy/EL GRÁFICO
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The Presidential guard is keeping an eye on AMLO

Although the President-elect has rejected protection from the Presidential guard, yesterday he had to accept that they guard the meeting with Jimmy Morales, Guatemala's President. We're told that the soldiers, mostly women, arrived in a TP02 place to protect the foreign President. Elements from the Presidential guard were only present when the Presidents met and until the Guatemala President left the country. And talking about Mr. Andrés and his foreign policies with a Latino-American profile, it's been confirmed that he will meet with 21 ambassadors and consuls from the region today. The question is if all those diplomats will fit into the transition home in the Roma neighborhood or if the future chancellor will have to take them to the park, where he offered a press conference a couple of days ago.

The Niño Verde attacks again

Yesterday, the elected Senator, Jorge Emilio González Torres, better known as El Niño Verde, didn't attend to the last day to register to get his ID at San Lázaro, which was interpreted as a show of what his work as a legislator will be in the next Legislature. Everything indicates that he won't be able to attend the constitutive session today. The question is: does he even care?

The Congress' color is changing

The clock is relentless and everything is about to change in Congress. The new legislators, with Morena's majority, are ready to install the chamber of Deputies and Senators today. We're told that in contrast, the members of the 63rd Legislature finished their work on Tuesday, with a goodbye message and some offerings. Senator Emilio Gamboa Patrón, the only PRI member with power, offered his support anywhere he is since he will continue to work in politics: “we'll see each other soon”, he said. The outgoing Senate President, Ernesto Cordero, asked for unity so Mexicans can make their dreams come true. And Luis Humberto Fernández Fuentes, an AMLO supporter, said that he is convinced Mexico is about to enter a time of reconciliation, peace, prosperity, and glory. Those are the images and color changes in the country.

Mezcal protests

If someone knows about protests, those are Mexico City's inhabitants, but if any protest could cause surprise, is the one led by Oaxaca's governor yesterday, Alejandro Murat. Mr. Alejandro took to the streets, accompanied by some mezcal producers to defend their product. The defense of this spirit drink is urgent because according to the producers the majority of its production is basically artisanal, the quality is being endangered with the intention to certificate its national production in a disproportionate manner, that is, to amplify the regions where mezcal with a designation of origin can be produced. The extension of these areas, they explain, will result in low-quality mezcal, worth, and price, as not every region complies with the natural and geographical characteristics needed for its production. There's even the risk of it turning into an industrialized product, not artisanal, and lose its designation of origin, which could open the door for it to be produced all in any other country. Imagine a Chinese mezcal.


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