President López Obrador trusts no one

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President López Obrador trusts no one
President López Obrador uses his personal car when he is in Mexico City - Photo: Alfredo Estrella/AFP
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President López Obrador trusts no one

We've been told that when the President visits other states, he is now taking his own chauffeurs on tour, who were often replaced in other cities because Governors provided local chauffeurs for the President. But something happened since the President no longer trusts the chauffeurs so he decided to take his two chauffeurs with him during his tours. Oh well, it's better to pay travel expenses than to depend on people you don't trust.

The federal government sends contradicting messages

Interior Minister Olga Sánchez Cordero and other Morena politicians say that undocumented migrants are welcome in Mexico every time they have the chance. Nevertheless, at the same time, Minister Marcelo Ebrard says they won't be able to use Mexico as a trampoline to get to the U.S. Moreover, the government announced they will be employed at factories but then migrants denounce that they are detained, mistreated, and deported. The UN praises Mexico's welcoming policy however, Amnesty International condemns the raids. What image of Mexico will predominate around the world? Morena Senator Héctor Vasconcelos, a veteran diplomat, complained about the United States' inhumane treatment of migrant children before the European Commission. His message is that Donald Trump is guilty. Will that be enough to get rid of the stigma?

Indigenous communities reject Indigenous leader

The head of the National Indigenous Communities Institute, Adelfo Regino, was booed in his hometown. Yesterday, during a visit to the mountain of Oaxaca, Adelfo was booed and screamed at. We've been told that the official is disliked by Indigenous communities from that region because they think that he hasn't helped them and ignored their petitions.

More Pemex workers to be fired

We've been told that on July 1, while President López Obrador and Morena celebrate their 2018 election win, Pemex workers will be fired as part of the austerity plan, even after over 30 years of service. We've been told that in reality, the decision was made by Marcos Herrería, the corporate director of Administration and Services, and Víctor Navarro from Planning and Performance. We've been told that Víctor Navarro doesn't even have a degree and hasn't been approved by Energy Minister Rocío Nahle. Also, we've been told that Valentín Soto has two salaries: his Pemex pension and his monthly salary as a government official.


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