President López Obrador ordered his administration to investigate Enrique Peña Nieto’s wealth

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President López Obrador ordered his administration to investigate Enrique Peña Nieto’s wealth
Peña Nieto’s administrations was tainted by corruption and scandals - Photo: Lucía Godínez/EL UNIVERSAL
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President López Obrador ordered his administration to investigate Enrique Peña Nieto’s wealth

We’ve been told that last week, President López Obrador ordered several government departments, including the Financial Intelligence Unit and the Public Affairs Ministry, to investigate the bank accounts and financial movements of former President Enrique Peña Nieto, his ex-wife Ángelica Rivera, and those close to him. According to our sources, last Monday, the President decided it was time to handle Peña Nieto’s case, who has now withdrawn from public life. After the President issued the order, several government officials started to monitor his finances. Now, we have two questions: Are Mexico and the U.S. collaborating on a 2019 investigation that involved Pemex? Will this investigation show results?

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Martí Batres took everyone by surprise

We’ve been told that the PRI and the PAN are upset after Morena senator Martí Batres said his party donated MXN $250 million for the treatment of people infected with COVID-19. In reality, we’ve been told that Batres to take advantage of an agreement signed by all parties. Martí Batres didn’t even wait for Ricardo Monreal, Morena’s leader in the Senate, to announce the donation agreed by all parties.

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Morena could propose a new economic plan

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is defending his economic plan against the COVID-19 pandemic since he thinks this is enough but we’ve been told that his party and lawmakers don’t feel the same way. Morena leaders Ricardo Monreal, Mario Delgado, and Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar met yesterday and talked about the possibility of providing more support to small companies; however, Ramírez Cuéllar has criticized PAN governors who have requested federal resources to face the effects COVID-19 has had on their health sectors. Moreover, Morena members know that the government requires a lot of money to pay pensions, to reactivate the construction of infrastructure, among other things. Does the country need another economic plan?

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The Judiciary has a lot of work to do

The public health crisis has evidenced that the Judiciary can favor citizens who try to protect themselves from the decisions made by authorities. We’ve been told that people are still going to federal courts to ask for protection in strategic trials. Nevertheless, we’ve been told that with the measures implemented by the Federal Judicial Council, judges have toughened the criterion to decide if an amparo is urgent or if it can be solved once the COVID-19 pandemic is over and when it returns to work on May 6. Although some judges have granted some amparos in regards to taxes but others have denied them. 

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