The PRD will file a lawsuit against President López Obrador

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The PRD will file a lawsuit against President López Obrador
The President held an event to ask business leaders to buy raffle tickets - Photo: Courtesy of the Mexican government
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The PRD will file a lawsuit against President López Obrador

If you thought the PRD was extinct, you’d be surprised to know that the political party is getting ready to present a lawsuit against President Andrés Manuel López Obrador after he asked business leaders to voluntarily contribute to the raffle of the presidential plane and obtained MXN $1,500 million. PRD members argue that there is a crime called extortion. Today, PRD leaders plan to file a lawsuit at the Attorney General’s Office. We’ve been reminded that the PRD is practically extinct now, so they have a lot of time to focus on certain cases.

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A historical monument is damaged after a rave

Is it a good idea to organized a party at the Juárez monument? It seems like the local culture and mobility ministries think so. Nevertheless, on Sunday morning, a young man damaged the monument in honor of Mexican President Benito Juárez, who allegedly attended the concert. If the park where the monument is located is so big, why did they organize the rave at the monument? Why was there no security at the rave?

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CTM: Back to the past

Yesterday, President López Obrador traveled back to the past and met with a trade union controlled by the PRI, the CTM. Although the President wasn’t as praised as when he met with the CATEM. However, Zoé Robledo, the head of the IMSS had a great day since he was widely praised by the President and the CTM leader. Additionally, the President urged Robledo to speed things up so that people receive immediate medical attention.

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When will senators go back to work?

We’ve been told that in three weeks, senators have only approved two bills: protective measures for women who report violence and the establishment of the National Atopic Dermatitis Day on November 27. When will senators finish their pending cases? These are urgent matters such as legal reform, outsourcing, and cannabis regulation. So the reforms could be ready by April or May.

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