Police brutality against Indigenous people

Criminal groups burned their homes and occupied their lands; Manuel Velasco has ignored their pleas for help

Police brutality against Indigenous people
Displaced Indigenous people in Chiapas - Photo: René Araujo/CUARTOSCURO.COM
English 26/11/2018 15:20 Fredy Martín Pérez / Corresponsal Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas Actualizada 15:25
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In Chiapas, Indigenous people have been displaced due to violence, and when they tried to talk to the Governor, Manuel Velasco Coello, who was presenting his annual report at the local Congress on Saturday, six Indigenous people were wounded when state police tried to retract them to their campsite.

They walked 12 kilometers from Chiapa de Corzo to Tuxtla Gutiérrez and broke a fence, set up by the police, around the city's central park, to avoid protests during the event.

This first incident left a young woman wounded, Diana Pérez Hernández from the Cintalapa community, in the Ocosingo municipality. She was cared for by Red Cross paramedics.

Two hours later, several displaced Indigenous people tried to get close to Congress, where Manuel Velasco Coello was presenting his annual report, to ask him to establish the proper conditions for them to return to their communities, but the state police sprayed them with tear gas.

This wounded six Indigenous people, who were wounded by the tear gas bombs, and an unknown number of children, men, and women were intoxicated.

The displaced people had to flee the campsite they set up outside the City Hall, leaving their belongings behind, which were stolen by unknown individuals and police officers.

During a press conference, the displaced people lamented the Governor's response.

Moreover, the Indigenous people wounded weren't cared for by the Red Cross or Civil Protection.


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