People protested against President López Obrador

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People protested against President López Obrador
Yesterday, some protestors drove through major cities to protest against President López Obrador - Photo: Demian Chávez/EL UNIVERSAL
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People protested against President López Obrador 

Yesterday, some protestors drove through major cities to protest against President López Obrador; however, the President’s supporters used the protest to criticize the opposition by saying that they drive luxurious cars and want a coup d'état. At least this was the case of Ricardo Monreal, who told protestors to express themselves during the 2021 election. On the other hand, the block formed by opposition parties has another agenda: COVID-19, issues at the Health Ministry, and questions that haven’t been answered by health authorities.

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Mexico owes money to the U.S.

Roberto Salmón Castelo recently resigned or was asked to resign, from the International Boundary and Water Commission. We’ve been told the petition came from the Under Secretariat for North America, led by Jesús Seade. The resignation comes now that Mexico has to pay 220 million cubic milliliters of water to the U.S., a difficult situation, especially because northern Mexican states oppose the payment. The question is who will take the position? Moreover, there is another issue: the U.S. has been complaining about the lack of wastewater treatment in Mexico. 

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The PT is gaining strength

This week, four lawmakers from Morena and the PES changed parties and joined the PT: Pedro Daniel Abasolo, Manuel Huerta, Raúl Ernesto Sánchez Barrales, and Elba Torre. We’ve been told there could be an operation to strengthen the PT, which now has 40 lawmakers. We’ve been reminded that in August, the leadership at the lower chamber will change, which could soon land on the hands of the PT if they gain a few more lawmakers. 

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President López Obrador travels to Cancún

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is traveling throughout the country. Yesterday, the Mexican President arrived in Palenque, Chiapas. There, López Obrador said the country has started its economic recovery. Now he is on the road again, to arrive in Cancún, Quintana Roo. Some wonder what is the point of driving for hours and hours amid the pandemic

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