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Peña Nieto is all alone at Los Pinos
Enrique Peña Nieto- Photo: Ivan Stephens/EL UNIVERSAL

Peña Nieto is all alone at Los Pinos

Mexico City
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Peña Nieto is all alone at Los Pinos

We're told that within a few hours, dozens of high-ranking public servants will quit their positions. According to officials at Los Pinos, in the face of the resignations from the majority of the employees, who are looking to avoid any kind of issue when cashing their retirement or settlement in. Los Pinos will face the last month of President Peña Nieto's term with the minimum personnel in each area. We're told that the President will attend very few public events, in order to focus on the transition process, and put everything in order for the incoming administration, led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Peña Nieto's decision is to move forward, and in peace, with the transition period. By the way, we're told that the public servants will leave Los Pinos tomorrow.

AMLO is about to drop a bomb

If you thought the President-elect had already dropped a bomb with the decision to cancel the Texcoco airport, we're told that Mr. Andrés Manuel López Obrador has another “bomb”, that will be announced later this week. We're told it is about his national security plan. With the purpose to present this project soon, which aims to solve the most heartfelt demand made by the citizens, security, AMLO met with general Luis Cresencio Sandoval and admiral José Rafael Ojeda Durán yesterday, the future Ministers of Defense and Navy. The role they will play in the armed forces will be quite interesting, in regards to relevant issues such as their participation in public security tasks, and their collaboration in the fight against organized crime. We will see if it's an information “bomb” or not.

Silence in the Norberto Rivera case

It seems like there's not much mystery surrounding the silence from the Archdiocese of Mexico and the cancellation of the press conference at the Metropolitan Cathedral, to talk about the attack that took place at Cardinal Norberto Rivera's home. We're told that the cancellation of the press conference on Sunday was because the Archbishop Primate of México, Cardinal Carlos Aguiar Retes, hasn't returned from the Vatican yet. As we revealed here, the Archdiocese called for an urgent press conference on Saturday but it was later canceled, without further details. So, we're told, we will have to wait for the Cardinal's return to obtain information and learn the Archdiocese's position.

The police aren't mad

Manelich Castilla Cravioto, the Federal Police's (PF) general commissioner, claims that they're not mad at the Inegi, on the contrary, they're thankful. Last weekend, Mr. Manelich participated in the book presentation of a book about the gendarmerie, of the PF's divisions, and during the event, he said that because of a “methodological whim” in the Inegi, the Federal Police and the Gendarmerie are seen as two different organizations. Nevertheless, the high-ranking official lamented his statement had been considered as a complaint and said that on the contrary, he acknowledges the institute as “the most serious statistics institute we have in the country,” and adds that there isn't an issue or complaint, and he's thankful for their work.


Everyone is quitting at Los Pinos

Under Reserve features fact-checked news written by journalists and contributors to EL UNIVERSAL
Everyone is quitting at Los PinosEveryone is quitting at Los Pinos


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